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Saturday, July 3, 2010


~smtimes in life , when we want somthg we have to be wlling to take the initiative.smtg like "if we want more frens, we've got to be a fren or else if we want love, we've got to give love". rIte??, b4 "accept him" 100% , i need to forget n forgive his past first...hahahaha...(ayat motivated diri sndrik)
~letting go of blame, hurt and anger and replacing all those negtive emotions wif an attitude of forgvness & gratitude is a powerfully healing xperice i also returns responsblty 4 my life back to me.Its no longer anyone else's fault dat i havnt accmplished my dreams or even da goals.once the blaming is stops,surely i can accept the "responsblty" to take care my ownself...insyaALLAH~
~it is not denied and it may be true that smtimes sm1else is respnsble for smtg that happened to us, BUT once we identifeied that person, what purpose does it serve to continue blaming on them rite?? jus LET GO of the blame, forgive and take back the responsblty for our life. we NEED to tell ourselve that we have the power to heal through FORGIVENESS & GRATITUDE. jus be ACCOUNTABLE~
love is patient and kind
it is not jealous or conceites or even proud
love is not ill-mannered or selfish or irritable
love does not keep a record of wrongs
love is not happy with evil
but is happy with the truth
love never ever gives up
love is eternal
P/S: kate2 smgat b4 pulg ke kuantn~;D

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