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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

so called- our PICNIC~

location: taman-KLCC

so called-PICNIC guys + the cuttiey cup cakes wif our names there? is one da best moment ble aku dpt spend da whole day wif my close frens aka x-SMAKL... act sume ni plan las minute nk gather rmai2 b4 ktowg sume blik ke uni msg2 n also smbot kpulgan one of our fren from UK... huhu...our main topic today is bout our "soul mate" aka our potential husband to be~hahahahah...notg much to say...jus njoy our picture yg able tuk dikongc ade kt atas tuh...da rest is private limited~ =) I LOVE U ALL GUYS (-_=)
p/s: spesel thnx to encik azahari 4 da great marks~oh reportku! heheheh

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