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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

bonus raye =) !!!

~salam.....ramadhan is come to the end and t0morw is hari raya...not today (kamis) as like wat the rumors keep on confusing us...n yesterday nite dat mufti i guess (da one yg bwat pengistharaan raya) tuh announced dat our RAYA is on friday ...;P all my kezen yg kecik2 tuh siap marah2 "mufti" tuh coz 4 them, bcoz of dat mufti punya annaouncment, they have to puasa 1 more day...hhahhaha...back to puasa topic, my ramdhan dis year is not much dffer wif the previous one...jus dis year my whole famly banyak spend our tyme dekat rumah nenek at Gombak (mom side)...dis year also we will celbrate the aidilftri as usual dekat KL..~damansara, gombak, kajang, cheras~ my dad n my mom pior orang KL n selangor, so that aku ni kategori KLian yg xde kampung...huhuhu...but, wther we have "kampung" o not, da celebration raya is same..but as my dad said, the slight different btw us and the others yg ade kampung is only we dont have to bersesak2 kt highway tuk blik kampung...hahhaha ;P (sure sume kezen2 aku agree)..~

~oh...dis year punye raya ofcos little bit sad cz da members of my family x cukup kuota...=( pity my adik yg kene celbrate his raya dekat perantauan (nebraska uni,lincoln) but nvmind adik, u r alwys in our mind n heart..."nanti angah upload gmbar raye byk2 yer ;) we have many upcoming raya to celbrate it 1 whole fmily together mcm dolu2 " (kalo ade background lgu raye sure touching gler :P ) ...~

~like what da post "BONUS RAYA" as stated above, i just want to share dat hadiah yg i got for this raye...hoyeah2....hehehhe...hepy bngat seh...I guess permpuan exactly x leh lari d word shophaholic... :P

som1 yg willing to pay for ALL da colourfull brushes sbb die janji nk belanja kalo i able to answr PNS quizz well :P

from a dad to his daughter...dgan her daugther reason "nk beg baru sbb nk kutip duit raye"..hahha

another new handbag wif anther reason "ayah, nk handbg yg seswai gune tuk wedding, baju kurung n bla222..." =)
carlo rino's shoes..

my hometown..we r gotong royong tuk masak rendang...

1st tyme kot masak rendang kawah ;P

A ring wif rantai yg sm1 bagi to dia cz sggop datang "jauh2"

only to drop dis dekat rumah aku even im not there ;p THNX yea..

:: last but not least....
P/S: anyone yg nk handbag jus tell me ok n i will consider cz da x cukup tmpt nk letak all my bags...n siyesly IM SERIOUS...Huhuhuhu...

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