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Sunday, September 19, 2010

model raya taon ini =)

+ amazing raya with gempak family members, frens, relatives... :P dis raya rely2 enjoy visit all da relatives n my old scoolmate...thnx 4 d lovely dishes beehoon goreng, nasik, bubur, rendang n all kinda of food which boom our tummy...nyum22...dis yr also we able to play futsal (lasminute plan) n im jus be one of the penonton Only cz all da player are more more tougher n skillfull than me.. tgok they all maen pun da kecut pewot (yes they are cz all of them are men!) ;D another thng is, yesterday uia's clan n i went to masjid at salak tinggi to attend afifah weddin (fist tyme tgok kwn sendrik kawen..trharu..hukhuk) n at nite someone took me to the icity (da place which have too many colourful n beautfull lampu2 menawan )... gile hepy even muke da berminyak, kaki kne gigit semut api, n we (i mean he) need to pay rm10 for da car park..(cikit darah gler same ini tmpat)...las but not least, hepy cz dapat maen tukar2 baju raya everyday...=) +++

p/s : baru sedar yg aku memg x de talent to be a good model especially bila kena tgkap gmba sorg2..wakakaka...

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