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Thursday, March 3, 2011

penyakit itu =)


im home alredy. =) oyeah. so, mud aku sgt baek lg tratur skarang nih. ehe. japgi after zuhr my mom n i nk visit orang sakit. my mom nak pergi tengok her fren yg got lymph cancer for the past 2 yrs and aku nk pergi ziarah my scoolmate teacher yg jugak merangkap my fren's mom also got cancer. since when? still samar2.

nowadays, soo many ppl ade cancer. okeh lah. maybe banyak gk penykit laen macam jantung, kidney failure, stroke, diabetis and wat so eva. tp, as we realize, selaen heart problems, cancer is one of the most killest disease all over the world. im da one who experienced all this. my mom dulu pernah gone thru all the chemoteraphy and radiogrphy sume tuh. alhmdllah, my mom detected awal and now she can removed all the cancel cell. or maybe not 100% removed, but just memperlmbatkan all the abnormal dividing cell to occur.

y dis cancer sgt bahaya? okeh. maybe harini ak berckap scare ilmiah seket. nak kongsi ilmu perubatan yg aku belajar. ehe. cancer can be divided into 2, which are benign and malignant. but da dangerous one is malignant which can easily known as permanent cancer. da benign one easily can be remove by surgery or we just called it lumph. malignant cancer nih bahaye sbb ape taw? its a silent killer which acted macam anai2. cthnye, if someone got cancer darah/leukimia, by the time when she is in the upper stage part, the cancer cell can spread to others organs in the body one by one. people can live w/o stomach, but ppl cant stand w/o liver and others important organ mcm liver and lung.

usually ppl akn tanye camne kite boleh dapat cancer eh? persoaln yg sgt susah nak dirungkai. eheh. genetic only contribute 10% to any diseases. tapi history family aku, no one pernah ade cancer but atlast my mom got it gak. so, maybe, genetic just play a minor role ak rase. as what i can conclude, lifestyle skarang sgt2lah ppl x jage. seket2 fast food. sket2 makan luar. susah2. tp actually, Allah da pne noes everytg. notg happen w/o a reason.

" tak akan aku jadikan sesuatu itu dgn sia2"

we as a muslim keep on berdoa' and percaya dgn qada' qadar Allah di smping sslo jage nikmat kesihatan yg Allah pinjamkan nih yer . papepon, prevention is better than cure :)


  1. alhamduillah tak jadi pape yg kronik kat mak ko. :)
    kesian mak tirah, aku memahami sbb ade senior kene sakit tu jgk. byk2 doa jela.

  2. yer..syukur.. kite kne always careful la kn.bile da nk sakit, x kire dah umor and sape org tuh.